Sep 13, 2009

Participate in PHI’s awareness campaign.

Make a difference in your community.
Participate in PHI’s awareness campaign.

is the 2009 focus of WE’RE STILL HERE!

PHI members: TRY THIS!
Pick one accessibility problem in your community – maybe it is the steps at the closest dry cleaners or your physician’s office; the lack of curb cuts near your favorite coffee shop; the impossible placement of disabled parking stalls at the far end of a parking lot – and tackle it.
Experience tells us that people in charge want to make changes that will benefit their customers, all the citizens in their community – not only polio survivors but others with disabilities, the elderly, mothers with strollers. They may simply be unaware. We can help them understand.
Work with the establishment to solve the problem. Take pictures to explain, get positive publicity by calling your favorite local TV newsperson or newspaper features writer. Arrange coverage for October 11-17, 2009.
Don’t forget to report your activities to PHI at

Sample Letters:


Where to Start
Look what polio survivors did in Savannah!


Activities Planned Around the World

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Polio Network Victoria, Australia
Post-Polio Awareness and Support Society of British Columbia, Canada

Polio Film

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Post Polio LITAFF A.C.
Postpoliolitaff.- Asociación Post Polio Litaff A.C Primera Organización oficial sobre Síndrome de Post Poliomielitis En México.

Polio y Efectos Secundarios SPP
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