Testimony Of The Vaccine Changed Year 2007


Dear Post Polio Organizations,

Tuesday May 30th I met with Dr. Roberto Tapia Conyer, the Health Secretary of the United Mexican State (Mexico).  It is with great honor I tell you the Secretary of Health approved the use of polio IPV vaccine in Mexico! I cannot tell you how I feel after all work I have done, it is a great satisfaction for Post Polio LITAFF Association A.C to achieve this goal.  I went to this meeting with the idea of telling the Secretary it is time they must change the polio vaccine they use to vaccinate our children and it in must be one of his priorities.  They accepted my request!  However, they need social organization to give them support so they can start working on this change.  January 2007 they will make the official announcement to the world.

Since Litaff is a civil organization, they asked me to get letters from as many International Post Polio Sequale (PPS) organizations as I could.  We need your help.  Mexico’s government needs all PPS organizations around the world to support the motion that we need, to stop using the live vaccine in our country!  Mexican national politics, are like that of any other country, a letter from our affiliate organization, IPPSO and all other organizations worldwide, telling the Mexico government of the importance of this vaccine change is very valuable.  We want to make the same changes that were made in the United States in 2000:  http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/rr4905a1.htm

The more letters, signatures, and testimonies we receive, the more it will help our Secretary of Health in the work he has to do.  He has to deal with several international procedures; your support will help when he explains to OPMS (Mundial – World Panamerican of Health) to the OMS, etc. about the importance of not using live vaccine in our country!   

Please forward this letter to other PPS Organization, I appreciate very much.  He knows all ready about our affiliation with the International Post Polio Support Organization (IPPSO) and he is so pleased, I told him how we work together.

Thank you in advance for giving this support to Litaff and the Mexican Secretary of Health.  You may send all of your letters or emails to Dr. Roberto Tapia Conyer, Secretary of Health, to me, Liliana Marasco Garrido at litaffac@prodigy.net.mx   and I will personally give them to him.

My heart is full of joy, and gratitude to God who helped me to make this part of my dream come true.  Many of you know I have worked with all my enthusiasm and unconditional love, for this personal mission I decided to take on 6 years ago.
My kinds regards and love to all,

 Liliana Marasco Garrido
 President     & Founder
  Post Polio LITAFF Association A.C
  Web Site    www.pospoliolitaff.org
   Tel/Fax 001 (52) 55742926 

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