AT THE time of the polio epidemics

Government should keep watchful eye on medical aids
AT THE time of the polio epidemics, the corrective surgery that parents couldn't pay for, was sponsored by the health department, as were the aids that were required to make us mobile. There was money for surgery, crutches, boots, wheelchairs, etc. Fifteen years into our democracy and the chronically ill and disabled suffer bias from both State and the private sector.
State hospitals cannot provide many chronic medications and medical aids are refusing to cover lifesaving drugs and operations.
In 1993, I had a total shoulder replacement. I still have loose bones in my shoulder and am in need of a partial shoulder replacement. But my medical aid doesn't pay for this surgery. My arthritis and damaged shoulder cause chronic pain which makes getting through the day very difficult, but my medical aid doesn't pay for painkillers other than paracetamol.

My chronic open-angle glaucoma and Sjogren’s disease is severely affecting my eyesight but dare I hope for treatment and will my medical aid pay for it? Why does the government allow medical aids to give their members less and less for lifesaving operations and drugs every year?

Thoughts of suicide can go through one’s mind when the diseases one suffers from are so painful that one dreads waking up in the morning. Was Hitler right? Should imperfect humans like myself be gassed to make a country strong or is the government shirking its responsibilities to South Africans?
In the Eastern Cape hundreds of premature babies have died so far this year and 11 in one week in Gauteng. This government should be looking after us all but instead the gravy train is getting longer and fatter; and the designer suits and luxury cars are paid for with money that should be in government coffers feeding the poor, keeping us healthy and ensuring that our babies live. — Cilla Webster, via e-mail

Let church speak up
AS A member of the Jesus Christ Family Church, I’m concerned about the negative publicity our church is getting from the Daily Dispatch. All the bad comments about our church coming from these so-called ex- members are of great concern. In many instances ex- members are aggrieved individuals. Failure to get comment from current members of the church creates an impression that the Daily Dispatch is siding with these aggrieved individuals and therefore your stories are not balanced.
Ever since this unfortunate episode came to light there has never been a comment from the church about these allegations. If there is substance to these allegations, then let us allow the court to rule on the matter.
God willing JCF will grow bigger and better during and after this storm! — Z Ngesman, Mdantsane

• We have made, and continue to make, repeated efforts to get comment from the JCF Church. – The Editor

Clasificación Internacional de Enfermedades Codifico al Síndrome de Post Polio con el Código G14 Síndrome Postpolio   Incluye :  Síndrome postpoliomielítico  Excluyéndolo del código B91Secuelas de poliomielitis

The Polio Crusade

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