Aug 8, 2010

Nepal faces polio dangerous stage of transmission

Over 10 years after its last indigenous case was traced in Nepal, polio has reached a dangerous stage of local transmission. Doctors warn that the local transmission of polio, if not tackled effectively at the earliest, may result in a deadly epidemic.
According to Sunday's Republica daily report, of some recent cases of polio detected in Rautahat and Mahottari districts in central Nepal, three have been transmitted locally. Even more shockingly, in all five cases, polio victims had been administered at least a dose of vaccines.
"The acute infectious viral disease has started to spread locally within Nepal. On the other hand, vaccines used to eradicate polio have proved evidently ineffective," said a doctor on condition of anonymity.
The Department of Health Services (DoHS) has admitted that polio, the eradication of which has been postponed four times in the past, has now started spreading more dangerously.
"It is true that polio has taken a dreadful turn," Krishna Bahadur Chanda, Immunization Program Chief at DoHS, was quoted by the daily as saying. "We are restlessly trying to contain it."
Source: Xinhua
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