Sep 20, 2011

OCTOBER 24 Th. MANIFEST (World Day against polio) - Signature Collection Online

A Health Authorities and people who have had polio worldwide. As you are aware since October 1985 following the intervention of Rotary International (RI) in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and held 40 years of the founding of the United Nations (UN) was established on October 24 as World Day against polio. This year marks the twenty-sixth day of the WORLD DAY AGAINST POLIO where, will be discussed achievements in the past year, although presented a positive balance, the proposed goals will not achieve the expected results, we know that polio is still endemic in some countries and that their have been cases of imported polio in countries where it was considered eradicated. We are aware of the great efforts made by governments, global institutions and health organizations with altruistic in providing financial resources for the elimination of this terrible disease. However, as at other times it will change again due date eradication, as the financial, political, religious, geographical and cultural will remain the major impediments to achieving the dream for so many years cherished the celebration of the end of polio! It is not what has been done, but it Much remains to be done, although there are still cases of polio at an average of 1000 per year, far too many cases for the twenty-first century medicine, we hope that this scourge will disappear forever. As long as the circulation of wild poliovirus anywhere in the world, will be latent reinfection of the virus-free zones and hence the recurrence of epidemics in countries that eradicated having confidence in their people and have been declared free of wild poliovirus have lowered their rate of vaccination, allowing persisting danger of epidemics anywhere in the world. There is little to celebrate! In commemoration of World Day against polio this 2011 shortage, again, large sometimes absent from the past, survivors of the great epidemics of the last century! Those who journeyed through life even charging for fifty years or more with the aftermath left us this virus attack. 

Overlooked by doctors and medicine that due to number of cases, and what is forgotten or never studied polio because it does not appear in the books and are doing so as a curiosity, an illness now disappeared. Those who suffer multiple corrective surgeries (many of them experimental, including the affected limb amputations), forced isolation. 
Those who use heavy prosthesis, not rare that you see wrong and hurt our meats. Those who were stuck in artificial lungs for weeks or months. The major users of crutches, canes and wheelchairs. Those who have never gotten out of bed by the severity of its consequences and those who died from the virus attack. For this and other reasons:

SURVIVORS OF POLIO EXPRESS: our strongest protest against the oblivion to which we have been subjected, approximately 20 million people worldwide. That persons who suffer from polio, are not stable indefinitely, as they say they never knew or not know what the disease. That past few years begins a slow and gradual deterioration of our health and the exacerbation of our sequels, why increase our disabilities, it undermines our health and diminish our quality of life. 

The WHO and is classified and in full force this circumstance called Postpoliomyelitis Syndrome in January 2010 which states in the ICD-10 with the code G14. Forcing their compliance with all member countries. That there are multiple studies from prestigious medical institutions and universities that support without a doubt the existence of this syndrome, recent studies published in prestigious journals and multiple literature to see made available for all one that requires knowledge of the condition. That despite this, still refuses this pathological condition in most of Latin America and other European countries making patients who suffer with long journeys to hospitals and clinics cannot find answers to your discomfort or if they find apparent with the diagnosis of which is the product of his imagination denying them the care they need or sending them to work with risk to their health and physical integrity. We know that there is will and knowledge, there is little that can be do for us, on the contrary there is much that can and should do to prevent the progressive deterioration, increasing our disability and decreased quality of life. Believe it or not we are still here!

SURVIVORS OF and those with POLIO SYNDROME Postpoliomyelitis DEMAND:
The eradication of polio. Immediate implementation and unrestricted code G14 in all member countries of WHO in accordance with the Universal Charter of Human Rights. 
The immediate implementation of training programs and training for all those doctors and paramedics who ignore how to diagnose and treat this condition in the countries where it is still denied. Implementation, as soon as possible, clinical multidisciplinary care to treat wide scale of problems in these patients. The overall responsible, ethical and truthful state of current disability and the prognosis for the future, for employment purposes, people with this condition. Full respect for the laws, local, national and international protection for persons with disabilities.

SURVIVORS OF POLIO PROPOSE: Our support and active participation in actions by any authority that lead to the rapid disappearance of polio from the planet. Our full cooperation in programs that are implemented or that will be implemented to better diagnosis and treatment of our disease. Our collaboration and participation of all those serious studies which lead to better medical treatment and / or physical therapy to help improve or stabilize our quality of life. Appreciate your attention and await the answers.
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