May 3, 2012

Polio this week - As of 18 April 2012

       Polio this week As of 18 April 2012

  • Nigeria only country to report cases this week: Six new cases have been reported in northern Nigeria, including one case of infection with wild polio virus type 3. This raises the concern that too many children continue to be missed during immunization activities. In some areas of Nigeria, notably inBorno, Kano, Sokoto and Yobe, more than one-third of all children remain under-immunized. A continued surge in cases in northern Nigeria poses the risk of renewed spread of the virus to other nations in west Africa. In the past, polio virus has spread from northern Nigeria to Niger, then on into Burkina Faso and Mali. The risk is further magnified given the security situation in Mali. 

Wild Poliovirus (WPV) cases

Total cases
Year-to-date 2012
Year-to-date 2011
Total in 2011* 
- in endemic countries
- in non-endemic countries

Case breakdown by country HERE
Data in WHO as of 19 Apr 2011 for 2011 data and 17 Apr 2012 for 2012 data.

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