Jan 4, 2012

What about Post Polio Research?

An Overview of Post-Polio Syndrome Research

Doctors and scientists all over the country are conducting post-polio syndromeresearch. Research studies are designed to answer important questions about post-poliosyndrome and to find out whether new approaches are safe and effective. Post-poliosyndrome research has already led to many advances, and researchers continue to search for more effective methods for dealing with post-polio syndrome.

Current Areas of Focus in Post-Polio Syndrome Research

Current areas of research include:
  • Some post-polio syndrome research scientists are studying the behavior of motor neurons many years after a polio attack.
  • Some researchers are looking at the mechanisms of fatigue and are trying to discover the role played by the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, the neuromuscular junction (the site where a nerve cell meets the muscle cell it helps activate), and the muscles.
  • Some researchers have discovered that fragments of thepoliovirus, or mutated versions of it, are in the spinal fluid of some polio disease survivors. The significance of this finding is not known, and more post-polio syndrome research is being done on this topic.
  • Possible Benefits of Participating in Post-Polio Syndrome Research

    In order for some post-polio syndromeresearch to be conducted, volunteers are needed. Patients who join research studies have the first chance to benefit from treatments that have shown promise in earlier research. People who volunteer will also make an important contribution to medical science by helping doctors learn more about post-polio syndrome. Although post-polio syndrome research trials may pose some risks, researchers take very careful steps to protect their patients.


Post-Polio Syndrome and Exercise

Because post-polio syndrome symptoms (like pain and weakness) can result from the overuse of muscles and joints, there have been mixed views on exercising if you have post-polio syndrome. For people with this condition, exercise is safe and effective when carefully prescribed and monitored by experienced healthcare providers.Read More


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