Nigeria Declares “War” Against Polio

© UNICEF/2012/L. Andriamasinoro
Binta Barau (right), a volunteer community mobilizer, deployed in the
settlement of Marke, in Bunkunre LGA, Kano State, has resolved a high
number of refusals to polio immunization during the campaign. Sabiu Abiola
(left) has finally accepted to get his seven children immunized and has
committed to mobilize his own community.


The Polio Crusade

THE POLIO CRUSADE IN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE A GOOD VIDEO THE STORY OF THE POLIO CRUSADE pays tribute to a time when Americans banded together to conquer a terrible disease. The medical breakthrough saved countless lives and had a pervasive impact on American philanthropy that ... Continue reading..http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/polio/

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