2 abr. 2013

Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair

 March 18, 2013

A young man propelling a Mountain Trike at waters edge on a beach.Here’s a wheelchair with an interesting combination of features- Mountain Trike All-Terrain Wheelchair from the The Mountain Bike Company.
Now that the credits are out of the way let’s get down to the features. For the longest time, an all-terrain manual wheelchair primarily consisted of finding a wheelchair with a sturdy frame and slapping on a set of knobby tires. Granted, the knobbies added to off-roadability but also made the wheelchair harder to push.
The Mountain Bike Company however has put a spin on the all-terrain manual wheelchair. The knobby tires are still there but are accompanied by a dual lever drive, full suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes giving the rider greatly increased propulsion, less slippage and better control and braking for off-roading or for humping up those shoulder tearing steep hills. The large wheels being up front helps with negotiating rough terrains or pesky curbs. The Mountain Trike Wheelchair can be lever propelled with one arm leaving one of your paws free to… Well, to do whatever hand based activity turns you on while wheeling.
The Mountain Trike Wheelchair is designed to negotiate all types of terrain including woodland paths, sandy beaches, snow and ice, gravel, cobbled streets, and of course any sloppy or muddy ground you may encounter at outdoor events or while haunting your favorite out of the way place or path less traveled.

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