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We are a non-profit civil organization legally incorporated in Mexico City, on January 8, 2004. Our main goal is to spread information on Post-Polio Syndrome by all possible means, and to offer help to any person suffering from Poliomyelitis or Post-Polio Syndrome.
Fortunately, thanks to science and medical research, we know the etiology of Post Polio Syndrome and its different pathological manifestations. This knowledge will help persons who had Poliomyelitis to make decisions to avoid or to delay the first’s signs of Post-Polio.
One of the Post-Polio Association Litaff A.C.-APPLAC goals is to provide information on preventive medicine through medical articles available by free downloads, organization of conferences and seminars,meditation specialized workshops and access to an excellent for Post-Polio Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, access to nutrition programs, etc.
One of the multiple goals of our association is to help people suffering from Poliomyelitis sequels, Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia
To modify or to improve their life quality.
We base our advice on the experience of specialists and their medical recommendations. One really important goal always present in our minds is to help and support the family and friends of those who suffer from Post-Polio Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, because they represent a fundamental support for them. We are able to provide them with reliable information and psychological help.
We are concerned about the architectonic barriers in our cities and we’re working every day to improve and make the movements of any person with a motor incapacity easier. In this regard, we do have a good support from our authorities and from the society. Likewise, we offer some good job opportunities with flexible schedules, so every person has a chance to adapt.
We invite every poliomyelitis survivor, every person suffering from Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue to join this association through this page, so we can share our experiences and we can also be able to extend the network of families and friends of Post-Polio Litaff A.C. through its chat room, its discussion forum and its conferences. We invite you too, of course, to benefit of all the advantages we offer.
We do consider that this Website could be a valuable media for spreading all the information gathered on Post-Polio Syndrome and, of course, an excellent way of knowing each person affected and helping each other.
This could be done in different ways: direct economical contribution, professional medical attention, or even by donations of wheel chairs, crutches, scooters, and any aid you could think of.
Any doctor who wishes to join us to help our members, any volunteer who wants to help in the activities that Post Polio Litaff A.C. Organizes every day is absolutely welcome.
Of course, we’re aware of the fact that our goals represent an incredible task. However, we do have great enthusiasm and spirit of solidarity that we are putting at the service of this noble cause, inspired by The Supreme Power that makes it All Possible.
As a Post-Polio survivor, I send this message to all those who suffered from Poliomyelitis. I really want to tell you that you are not alone, we’re numerous persons suffering from this Syndrome and, in the same way we fought the Poliomyelitis in our childhood, we’re going to get together and fight together the battle against this still unknown Syndrome. Together, we will force the world to know about it.
In case you’re already a Post-Polio Syndrome victim, the Post-Polio Association Litaff A.C. is here, so that together we can join ours forces and enthusiasm to get the necessary support.
You are all welcome to become part of the association.
“From this day, let’s try to live one day at a time without forcing ourselves to do more than our body is able to” and let’s live with a positive attitude facing forward this event that we can’t modify now. That’s why accepting it with a positive attitude will help any person suffering from it.
“The Disability Only Defines ONE Difference”
President and Founder

Jan 17, 2016

Is the post-polio syndrome due to chronic poliovirus infection?

Over the years, poliomyelitis survivors may experience e progressive decline of physical strength accompanied by intolerance to cold, chronic pain and other disabilities. This condition, termed post-polio syndrome (PPS), may lead to the incapacity of living an independent life, generates suffering and considerable social costs. PPS usually arises after many years of partial/complete functional recovery with apparently stable neuromuscular functions. In developed countries, in fact, it is common experience that polio patients had a productive life before starting to experience PPS at the time of retirement. PPS is estimated to affect about 20 million people worldwide.
Fig. 1. Predicted age distribution of polio survivors in the USA in the years 2006 and 2016 (source: Becker LC. Polio survivors in the U.S., 1915–2000. Age distribution data. Saint Louis, MO: Post-Polio Health International; 2006).
In the article, the estimated epidemiology of PPS is reported together with the pathogenic pathways that could lead, over time, to the progressive loss of neuromuscular functions. When PPS becomes clinically manifest, polio survivors experience new weakness, generalized fatigue, atrophy of previously unaffected muscles, physical decline.
The core message is that PPS can be caused by unapparent chronic low-level infection due to the poliovirus type that, at the time of the initial insult, infected the patient. This conclusion is derived from the study of about 120 PPS patients. Nearly three quarters of them were shown to harbor poliovirus “remnants” (in other words polioviral genomes and low-level virus activity). It is thought that chronic virus infection of the nervous and muscular systems may be responsible of the progressive loss of neural and muscular cells that is accompanied by low-level chronic inflammation.
An important point is that the “poliovirus remnants” detected in PPS patients are not transmitted to family members, thus are not dangerous to the population, nor represent a possible form of resurrection for poliomyelitis. It is thought, but not proven, that the poliovirus forms that remain persistent in polio survivors are “mutated” or “genetically changed” derivatives of the virulent polioviruses that were circulating (before anti-polio vaccines) at the time of polio epidemics.
Idealized representation of changes in motor units from the time of acute poliovirus
Fig. 2. Idealized representation of changes in motor units from the time of acute poliovirus attack and the possible development of PPS. Distal degeneration of innervating fibres and loss of motor units accompanies the appearance of new weakness and the atrophy of previously unaffected muscles.
Finally, the need is presented for an effective “cure” of PPS. So far, in fact, anti-inflammatory drugs and other treatments have failed in this field. A possible remedy is seen in the administration of intravenous human immunoglobulins (i.e., antibodies derived from blood donors). This treatment is costly and only temporarily effective. For this reason, the article brings the attention of clinicians and pharma industries to the need of introducing antiviral agents for the treatment of this condition. Several new antiviral compounds are becoming available, and some of them have the potential of blocking the replication and pathogenicity of polioviruses. Treatment of PPS cases with select compounds could ameliorate the life of patients, and could serve as a test for using these same compounds as drugs for new poliovirus epidemics that might emerge in the world.
Antonio Toniolo
University of Insubria Medical School, Varese, Italy

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