It’s easy to ingest large amounts of ganja in search of the psychoactive high most users are looking for. However, new research is revealing medical users might benefit more from microdosing; a practice of using smaller amounts of weed to achieve medical benefits, without the psychedelic high.
For medical marijuana patients, the importance of keeping a low tolerance and conserving the product to save money are both important factors to consider when beginning a marijuana regimen. Microdosing solves both problems; delivering the medical benefits, without the risk of overindulging.

What is medical marijuana microdosing?

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Microdosing is using smaller amounts of cannabis to achieve the medical benefits, without experiencing the psychedelic high associated with it. Taking just one small puff from a joint or pipe, eating less than half the recommended dosage of an edible or using just a drop of medicinal oil would be considered microdosing.
It takes different dosages for each person to achieve the same high, making it hard to gauge what an actual dose of marijuana should be. Aside from varying user tolerance, different strains have different levels of THC, some have more CBD than others and some were created to aid a particular ailment. With so many options, there’s no wonder why pinpointing an exact, set dosage for a marijuana regimen is nearly impossible.
Microdosing takes all of the guess work out of determining how much herb to use. By taking one vape hit or smoking from a one-hitter, medical marijuana users are able to ingest small amounts of THC and CBD, delivering the medical benefits without the psychedelic effects. This can come in very useful for patients who need to medicate, but also still need to function at work or around others, tasks sometimes complicated by the psychedelic effects of weed.

Should you start microdosing?

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It is important to experiment with your own medical marijuana regimen to determine what microdosage works best for you. Being lucky enough to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal is a big help. Consulting a physician about a specific dosage or delivery method, whether it be edibles, oils or inhaling, is always recommended if the option is available.
Another bonus to living in a state with legal medical marijuana is the access to dispensaries. Offering a large variety of different strains and delivery methods, dispensaries optimize the chances of finding the perfect microdosing regimen. Speaking with a budtender can also be a big help. They will have the most reliable information when it comes to which strains work best with which sickness or disability, and many will also have advice on how different strains should be introduced into the body.
Determining the exact microdosage that is right for you will require a lot of trial and error. It is best to start small when microdosing, as you can always add more if the desired effects aren’t reached. Remember, the goal is to achieve relief from what ails you, without experiencing the psychedelic high.
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