For 60 Years, This Woman Defied Her Medical Diagnosis Living INSIDE An Iron Lung

One might think that every bad thing that happens in life is insurmountable. This woman makes us reflect: there’s no greater gift than life itself and she has been able to enjoy it for 71 years.
Martha Mason was a girl like any other in the 1940s. She lived happily together with her family in North Carolina, USA, until one day, when she was diagnosed with polio.
Martha’s brother had died because of the illness, so, to avoid making her parents even more depressed, Martha decided to hide it from them.
It wasn’t long, however, before her parents realized she was suffering from the same disease.
At just 11 years old, Martha took a decision that would change her life. What she didn’t know is that she would go on to live a further 60 years, because surprisingly, she was able to outlast the one year left to live prognosis given to her by doctors.
Due to her illness, she was left totally paralyzed from the neck down. Martha chose to live in an iron lung instead of living with tubes attached to her. This lung became one of her most faithful allies. Thanks to this metal box that was 6 and a half feet long and weighed 1,800 pounds, she was able to breathe.

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For years, Martha received the support of her family and school friends. Her condition didn’t stop her graduating with honors from college and even becoming the author of a local paper.
In the mid 1990s, Martha Mason decided to write a book called Breath: A Lifetime in
the Rhythm of an Iron Lung, telling her story with the help of a voice-activated computer.

She wrote that she never chose to live in such a way, but that she was happy to have so many people supporting her.
In 2009, Martha died at 71 years of age. She is known for having the record of having lived the longest amount of time inside an artificial lung. Her doctor believes that she was able to do it because of her strength and her overwhelming desire to continue living and learning.
This story shows us that, despite the conditions or difficulties we are faced with, we must always fight to overcome them.
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