Mar 17, 2017

Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on.

 2012 Apr-Jun;9(2):114-7.

Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on.


It was hoped that following polio eradication, immunization could be stopped. However the synthesis of polio virus in 2002, made eradication impossible. It is argued that getting poor countries to expend their scarce resources on an impossible dream over the last 10 years was unethical. Furthermore, while India has been polio-free for a year, there has been a huge increase in non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). 
In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated. The principle of primum-non-nocere was violated. The authors suggest that the huge bill of US$ 8 billion spent on the programme, is a small sum to pay if the world learns to be wary of such vertical programmes in the future.
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Mar 12, 2017

Comprehensive strategy urged for polio victims’ rehabilitation

KARACHI: There are more than 8, 30,000 kids and adults living with disability and can not mobilize in Pakistan. There should a comprehensive strategy and plan to rehabilitate such large number of people. There should be state of the art centers in all big cities and interior of Sindh, it was urged, on Saturday.
This was stated by speakers at an advocacy seminar on "Rehabilitation Services for Post-Polio Patients in Pakistan" held by Pakistan Paediatric Association (PPA) and National Institute of Child Health (NICH) with support of a global organization NCD Child here at a local hotel. Seminar aimed to chalk out a strategy and future plan to rehabilitate polio affected kids and other such people suffering mobility issues.
Speakers including Director NICH Prof. Dr. Jamal Raza, President PPA Prof. Rai M. Asghar, Project Director Child Survival Program Dr. M. N. Lal, Prof. Aisha Mehnaz, Prof. Gohar Rehman, Dr. Amna Sarwar, Prof. Nabila Soomro, Prof. Shazia Maqbool, Dr. Maryam Mallick and others informed that about 38 million people are dying due to non-communicable diseases i.e heart, cancer, smoking and obesity in the world.
Few of them are hereditary while many others are caused by malnutrition or excessive diet. Many diseases are progressed since childhood which can be prevented, they added.
Prof. Jamal Raza told that kids and adults disabled due to polio or any other reason should be rehabilitated so they should also become an active part of society. "Rehabilitation facilities for such kids are very limited. State of the art centres equipped with occupational therapy, physio therapy and speech therapy are badly needed not only in Karachi like big cities but in interior of Sindh too," he underlined.
We have a plans to establish such a state of art centre under NICH but need additional space for it. We will request government of Sindh to help acquire a piece of land for this purpose, he informed.

Post Polio Litaff, Association A.C _APPLAC Mexico

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